Philip J. Cenedella IV

Philip J. Cenedella IV

"Patient Advocate since 1977"

Philip J. Cenedella IV

I support the work of United States Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (pictured above at ICBC Berlin) and the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS which call for an end to the world war on Cannabis.

First and foremost, I am a Patient Advocate since 1977.  

I have also served as a Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego, as a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom's Executive Board, Founded the Dayton Human Trafficking Accords and have been a C-Level Business Development Executive for over 3 decades.  

From California, now residing in Germany and providing professional business development services to firms from the USA and Europe.

How I can help you:

Business Development services including establishing Sales Channels, Joint-Venture Partnerships and Distribution Networks in Europe and North America.

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"Putting an end to the world war on Cannabis!"

Wir, die Menschheit des Jahres 2017…
Erklären hiermit unser unveräußerliches Menschenrecht auf Anbau, Medikation und Konsum der Pflanze mit dem Namen Cannabis ohne jegliche staatliche Einschränkung. Verlangen, dass unsere Pflanze keine anderen Auflagen und Einschränkungen als eine Tomatenpflanze hat. Stellen unter unsere eigene Kontrolle, was wir unserem Körper zuführen. Bestehen auf unser Grundrecht, diese Pflanze zu benutzen ohne die Androhung von Freiheitsberaubung und ohne Nutzungsbeschränkungen. Es ist unser Grundrecht, auf verschiedenste Arten Zugang zu Cannabis zu haben und keine kommerziellen Interessenverbände das Recht auf exklusive Nutzung oder Rechtsanspruch erhalten. Seit Urzeiten haben die Menschen die Segnungen unserer Pflanze genutzt.
Mit meiner Unterschrift lege ich hiermit Zeugnis ab über meinem Wunsch, dass „wir, die Menschen“ das Recht besitzen, unsere Pflanze nach unseren Wünschen zu benutzen.   

We the people of the Year 2017 do…
Hereby declare that it is our inalienable basic human right to have the freedom to grow, medicate and enjoy the plant we call Cannabis, without any governmental limitations.
We demand our plant has no more regulations or limitations than a tomato plant.
It is our basic human right to have control of what we choose to put into our body.  
It is our basic human right to have the ability to enjoy this plant without fear of incarceration or limitations on its commerce.
It is our basic human right to have multiple ways to enjoy, grow and medicate with our plant and we demand that no commercial organization be provided exclusive use or rights.   
For 10,000 years humans on our planet have enjoyed the benefits provided by our plant. With my signature below I do hereby attest it is my wish that “we the people” have the right to consume our plant as we wish.   


Thank you, Gracias und Dankeschoene! 

March 9, 2017 - a Historic day in Germany!

The Cannabis Act published in the Federal Gazette,...details at my BLOG here.   

This means that cannabis is now legal for medical marijuana patients in this nation with twice the population of California.  Very detailed information on the specifics of the law, courtesy DAZ Online, at my BLOG here.


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